Earth Forms

Earth Forms is a sub brand of Future Forms that creates eco-organic structures and houses from earth and clay materials. We use digital fabrication techniques and traditional methods that align with a natural environment to produce eco-sustainable and low carbon emission dwellings and structures made from locally sourced materials. Whether you need a cozy cottage, a spacious dome, a sturdy wall or a creative sculpture, we have something for you. Our products are designed with respect and harmony for the Earth's and its inhabitants. Earth Forms is more than just architecture - it's a way of living.

The Outcome

As you imagine your life in our beautiful earth home, think about waking up to the stunning views outside your round windows. Picture yourself stepping through the large round doorway and into the cozy interior, where the steel frame keeps you comfortable no matter the weather outside. How would you decorate your home to reflect your personal style? Perhaps you'll choose natural materials like wood and stone to complement the earthy surroundings. Or maybe you'll add pops of color with vibrant textiles and artwork. The possibilities are endless when it comes to making this unique, eco-friendly home your own. Start envisioning your future today!